Leave your toxicity at the door. Aren’t you tired of joining matches with random teammates that kill you or try their hardest to ruin the game for you? Fish Pudding Pals is a community built on the idea of having a group of non toxic players to squad with at any given time. The admins and I aim above ALL else to keep that true. Toxic behavior of any kind will NOT BE TOLERATED.
Use your brain… You can say anything you like! Will it get you banned? Maybe… We’re not saints and we’re guessing you aren’t either. That’s cool! But please be respectful of other members. We accept players 13+ so no pornographic material is permitted. We will delete it and ban you. By no means are we social justice warriors but this is a community of friends. Hateful speech of any kind will NOT BE TOLERATED. This one comes down to common sense… If you’re obviously offending someone… Please STOP. If that is your thing then go play with randoms. Do not spew racist, sexist or homophobic bullshit on this server. We have monitoring systems in place to assist us with moderation, this includes recording on public channels.
Trickster! You naughty little son of a … Are you an administrator or mod of Fish Pudding Pals? Perhaps… But this role is not tossed around to just anyone. We aim to enforce the rules of this server and keep our promise to our members! If you’re pretending to be one of my admins and making us look bad, well that just won’t work now will it? If you impersonate an administrator, mod, staff or represent yourself as having control of Fish Pudding Pals in any way, don’t even ask for forgiveness. We will instantly and permanently ban you, no questions asked.
Click, Click, Click! Please do not spam any channel in this server. It doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation and we don’t feel like having to delete it. The channels are clearly named for their purpose and if you are not using it accordingly or if you are spamming channels, your messages may deleted and you may be kicked or banned.
The Fuzz Administrators and moderators of Fish Pudding Pals are clearly marked as such. If you are asked by an Admin or Mod to stop doing something… Do it. If you disagree with what said Admin/Mod has asked you to do, then contact another Admin. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, contact the server owner @iUnwritten. Please note that if you are being unreasonable and just trying to bypass my staff… Expect no mercy.